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New ergonomics, new-found passion

Poltrona odontoiatrica ambidestra

With AREA, dentists will find a renewed passion for dentistry, new spaces, new potential and a first-class tool that allows for fluid, precise, effective workflows. Alongside the outstanding ergonomics, users can integrate all the Castellini-provided technological solutions as desired to meet their specific clinical needs. Effectiveness-enhancing convenience.

Multiple customised set-ups

NFC technology makes it possible to access the dental unit - which is equipped with an integrated system - and save personalised preferences and settings. With up to 20 memory slots available, this is ideal for multi-user practices. This option involves using a bracelet that instantly connects to the dental unit where the dentist’s preferences (chair position, interface, light settings, cuspidor bowl and cup preferences, as well as the operating parameters of integrated instruments) were previously saved.


Full Touch interface

The Full Touch console with 7” multitouch display ensures user- friendly control of dental unit functions. What’s more, dentists can adjust instrument operating parameters by setting their own preferences and can control/monitor hygiene devices. The integrated software manages endodontic, implantology and conservative functions. Users can also display images, X-rays and video tutorials.

Poltrona Odontoiatrica Castellini

Voice controls

Dentists have numerous voice-controlled functions at their disposal. This speeds up workflows and improves hygiene by letting dentists bypass physical contact with the control panel and the integrated accessories. The different instrument modes are voice-activated. It’s also possible to control the operating light and the patient chair, by selecting one of the saved positions. Users can also start the timer when performing clinical procedures such as impression- taking.

Poltrona Odontoiatrica Castellini

Light and compact

The dentist’s module with over-the-patient delivery is light and easy to move.

  • Vertical positioning can be activated and deactivated by lightly touching the capacitive sensor.
  • Increased tubing extension and self-balancing instruments.
  • Large, easy-to-reach transthoracic tray holder.
  • Optional instrument lever lock for enhanced freedom of movement.
Poltrona Odontoiatrica Ambidestra Castellini

Levers with sideflex technology

Optimised with exclusive “SideFlex” technology, the instrument levers also follow lateral movements of the tubing thanks to the presence of a swing joint. The levers also ensure precision recovery, thus preventing wrist fatigue, and are completely removable.

Tavoletta odontoiatrica per Poltrona Odontoiatrica Ambidestra Castellini

Compact and stylish

The model with hanging tubes offers compactness and style, giving the dental team ample space to work comfortably. The dentist’s module can reach every position around the operating area and the assistant’s module provides the flexibility of working alone or with assistance. Essential design to optimise every task.

Tavoletta odontoiatrica Castellini

Plenty of space for effective treatment

The compact module offers plenty of scope for positioning around the work area. A large handle smooths horizontal movement. The practical instrument layout and the shaping of the individual holders help prevent any accidental instrument drops during repositioning. Workflows are also streamlined by differences between the tilt angles of the inner and outer instruments. Central positioning on the front of the module makes the 7” Full Touch display easily accessible to the dentist. The transthoracic tray holder features a wide supporting surface that does not interfere with the patient. It can be positioned and moved horizontally.


Working freedom

The CART model is perfect for dentists who prefer instruments with hanging tubes and work almost exclusively in the 12 o’clock position. This solution allows unlimited freedom of movement, offering all the performance and practicality of the models with an integrated module. Operate smoothly in every position.

Tavoletta odontoiatrica Castellini

Suspended patient chair

The advantage of this ergonomic solution, in which the operating layout is independent from working height, is that the medical team has plenty of space to perform treatment. The unit body, which supports the vertical movement of the suspended patient chair, has a smaller footprint and smooths the approach to the patient. The operating zone remains the same regardless of the patient’s build.

Users can apply settings that leave the dental unit on stand-by once the patient leaves in order to reduce energy consumption. Where the Di.V.A. virtual assistant is in use, the sensor transmits statistical data to monitor effective dental unit usage over the period of interest. Users can also benefit from automatic switching on/off of the operating light as a function of patient presence.

Tavoletta odontoiatrica per Poltrona Odontoiatrica Ambidestra Castellini


AREA features the sophisticated Sliding system, which combines backrest positioning with forward seat movement. Dentists can therefore keep treatment zone proportions and layouts unchanged, eliminating the need to move accessories during treatment. More comfortable for the patient (as it involves less back compression), the Sliding system is particularly useful in smaller practices. With the seat displaced by 18 cm, the dentist gains that same amount of operating space in the 12 o’clock position. Soft Motion technology ensures fluid movement and eliminates all associated noise. AREA combines this technology with Slow Mode, which allows activation of very small patient chair movements. This helps users make fine adjustments during implantology sessions or while using the microscope.

Tavoletta odontoiatrica Castellini

Every single aesthetic and technical element has been designed to make AREA more practical. From the innovative carbon look to the quality of the materials and the construction, every aspect of the dental unit has been developed to create a comfortable technology-rich environment and practical professional solutions.


Freedom of choice

One of the drawbacks of changing your dental unit stems from the floor connections, as these often fail to match the configuration envisaged on the new model. To eliminate the need for any adaptation work, Castellini has designed a multi-connector system to give dentists freedom of choice and let them position the dental unit near the existing connection.


Integrated implant surgery solutions

AREA has been designed to respond to the needs of dentists who practice implant surgery. The integrated system is as advanced as it is practical, allowing dentists to focus exclusively on the patient and the treatment. The implantology configuration makes use of a powerful Implantor LED induction micromotor, a peristaltic pump incorporated on the module, and a latest-generation control panel that makes it possible to quickly customise and save pump speed, torque and delivery rate parameters.


Torque curves


The dentist can also use an integrated function that logs torque curves during surgery. Documentation will also be produced in an exportable form after the treatment session to save data on the delivered torque and the implant tightening torque. For an even clearer view during treatment, it’s also possible (where an integrated camera is available) to view the curve on the monitor integrated on the dental unit: a key asset during academic and training activities.

Operating parameters


The display shows only the information relevant to the clinical needs of the moment: all working parameters can be saved with ease at the touch of a finger, thereby leaving the dentist free to focus on the operation and the patient.

Peristaltic pump

Integrated on the dentist’s module, the pump can easily be controlled via the control panel. It irrigates the operating field with a sterile saline solution for optimal asepsis.


Absolute precision for endodontics

AREA implements a broad set of functions that lets users control operating parameters. It also provides a database of burs to independently manage all endodontic practices and related treatments.
Precise control of the endocanalar bur and specialized functions make the model a must- have for endodontic work by providing dentists with micromotor control parameters such as Autostop, Autoreverse and Autoforward. Now with an even more user-friendly interface, the innovative control panel provides exceptional performance and supplies dentists with valuable information on a wide range of clinical functions.

Tavoletta odontoiatrica Castellini


For all traditional endodontic procedures, the control panel is able to automatically set optimum parameters thanks to an inbuilt database of the most common endocanalar files.


LAEC - Integrated apex locator

The device helps the dentist locate the root apex via an audio-visual indicator. Combined with the EVO E4 contra-angle, it also integrates the APEX-STOP function which automatically switches the file off upon reaching a set safety threshold.

Tavoletta odontoiatrica Castellini

Reciprocating mode

Together with the EVO E4 contra-angle, the control mode with alternating rotation allows for the use of RECIPROC®, RECIPROC BLUE® and WAVEONE GOLD® reciprocating files. The endodontic file brand names are not owned by Cefla or any of its subsidiaries.

Tavoletta odontoiatrica per Poltrona Odontoiatrica Ambidestra Castellini

Led Fluo Implantor


The new, now-quieter Implantor LED micromotor features tubes that improve handling. Moreover it’s available with the optional FIT (Fluorescence-aided Identification Technique) function that lets users detect the presence of composite materials with a special LED light. This technology makes tasks in the conservative, orthodontic and aesthetic fields more precise. Implantor LED FLUO doesn’t just highlight the composite fillings, differentiating it from the natural structure of the tooth: it also highlights brackets on fixed braces and the invisible attachments used to secure transparent corrective braces.



The new curing light features a user-friendly interface and offers an optimal emissions spectrum for the activation of latest-generation composites. Ergonomically versatile, it can be used in a straight or 120°-angled version for greater comfort.

Silent Power Evo Turbines


Castellini offers a complete set of turbines; dentists can choose between standard and miniature heads according to preference.

Goldspeed Evo Contra-Angles


Castellini provides a complete set of contra- angles for every dental field; implantology, endodontics and the various areas of conservation.



Featuring a streamlined and easy-to-handle design, the syringe provides six functions. The handle and tip are autoclavable.

Piezolight 6 / Piezosteril 6


Available with LED lighting and fully autoclavable ultrasound handpieces are suitable for prophylaxis, endodontics and periodontal procedures. Ultrasound vibrations are linear and controlled. There are no parasitic lateral vibrations. Constant control and self-adjustment of frequency according to load and the condition of the tip. Irrigation flow can be fine-adjusted via a special dial.

Surgison 2

Specifically designed for oral surgery, implantology and osteotomy, this handpiece is available with a wide range of accessories for any treatment requirements. Interchangeable with Piezolight 6 and compatible with Piezosteril 6, subject to tubing replacement, the Surgison 2 handpiece is automatically detected and piloted by the dental unit at all times. Completely autoclavable, it provides optional irrigation with sterile fluids for complete asepsis of the operating area.




Exceptional brightness

The Venus LED MCT lamp rotates on three axes to ensure perfect lighting of the operating field whatever the task or position. Featuring exceptional brightness, specific values can be set to match clinical needs. The No Touch sensor can switch the lamp on/off and adjust light intensity up to 50,000 Lux. The hermetically sealed front screen is easy to clean, and the handles can be removed and sterilised in an autoclave.



Temperature adjustment

The innovative system makes it possible to provide just the right light for every clinical discipline, with 3 different temperature values: warm, neutral and cool light.
Absolute colour fidelity thanks to colour rendering that, on a 0 -100 scale, stands above 95.
The new optional voice controls let users interact with the light quickly and aseptically.



Composite mode

This feature changes the light wavelength to prevent the pre-curing of composite materials while ensuring optimum lighting of the operating field.

Certified safety

Close collaboration with major university research centres has been a cornerstone of Castellini since its founding. Ensuring the workplace is perfectly hygienic is one of the dentist’s most delicate and important tasks. That’s why all systems are effective, efficient, simple to implement and optimize workflows.



The new AREA dental unit features a high- quality automatic system that disinfects all the spray water circuits. It’s also equipped with an integrated instrument collection tank, which makes it easier to position the instruments and run the cycle. Used together with Peroxy Ag+, the Autosteril system ensures a mycobactericide, bactericide and anti- Legionella action, certified by the Sapienza University of Rome. Autosteril helps sanitisation at the end of a day’s session and allows short cycles to be performed via the following steps:

  • circuit draining with compressed air;
  • addition of 3% H2O2 to the spray water circuits;
  • a liquid ‘hold time’ suitable for intensive disinfection ;
  • liquid expelled with compressed air;
  • (mainsordistilled) waterflushing. An analysis of the effectiveness of the Autosteril system conducted by the Sapienza University of Rome has highlighted that the disinfection action is sufficient to “eradicate all tested microbes from the dental unit ducts, even with high contamination levels."

S.S.S. Bottle

The stand-alone supply system is equipped with a 1.8 litre pressurised tank, easily accessible inside the unit body and easy to fill.

Time Flushing

To drain stagnant fluid from the piping after use, the automatic Time Flushing feature performs a complete water change via a timed flow of the feed fluid.

Simply by connecting to the internet with any browser, and without having to download any software, dentists and/or practice owners can access a website that offers a comprehensive range of digital services, remote assistance, video tutorials and updated user manuals for purchased models.

Di.V.A. (Digital Virtual Assistant) optimises the workflow in advanced dental practices. In addition to being viewable on a PC, Di.V.A. can be easily consulted on smartphones and tablets. In combination with Di.V.A., users can increase the efficiency of the practice by activating the EasyCheck service: each connected dental unit can rely on real-time remote diagnosis and technical support, vital for minimizing downtimes and ensuring continuity of service.