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High frequency X-Ray unit

The perfect dimension of imaging. The RXDC is a versatile, user-friendly X-ray unit, capable of producing high quality imaging thanks to cutting-edge technology. It also maximises working comfort while ensuring low X-ray doses for the patient and maintaining ultra-high performance. The RXDC, in fact, uses a constant potential high frequency (DC) generator and a very small focal spot (0.4 mm) that provides sharp, detailed images. Automatic exposure parameter modulation and accurate power selection make the RXDC the perfect X-ray unit whatever the situation, personalised according to the patient’s build and the specific region of investigation. Optimal results, user-friendliness and maximum comfort. The RXDC is the perfect X-ray unit, capable of combining high quality imaging and a versatile, ergonomic design with low patient doses.


Wireless direct conversion intraoral sensor

X-Visus DCiS is the first direct conversion wireless sensor. While ensuring patient comfort, it allows high resolution images to be obtained in mere moments and with low X-ray doses. Cable-free and with no easily breakable components, X-Visus DCiS is resistant to shocks, falls, dust and liquids. It guarantees fast and effective data transmission via wireless technology, ideal for minimising consumption without affecting device performance in any way.

The sensor communicates with the docking station via wireless. This facilitates the operator's movements and translates into better patient comfort. The docking station combined with the sensor acts as a charging base for the lithium battery of the device when it is not in use, while during the scanning phase it receives the X-ray image from the sensor in seconds and transfers it to the surgery PC/laptop to which it is connected through a plain USB connector; the doctor can then produce an immediate diagnosis while ensuring extremely effective communication with the patient.

Available in Size 2 only, X-Visus DCiS is carefully designed down to the smallest detail to offer maximum comfort to the patient, while its dedicated accessories make it a unique tool available to every professional.


Multilevel Digital Imaging

Castellini presents a stylish, practical solution that combines digital technology with the ergonomics of film. The X-PSP scanner allows for accurate diagnosis via images that are obtained comfortably, practically and simply. Conveniently incorporated into the device, the removable drawer lets the dentist store the plates and carry them from one surgery to another.

Advanced Functions, Optimized Images.
The MultiLEVEL function simultaneously provides the physician with five images. Each one is enhanced by iES algorithms that apply different filters to highlight anatomical details in a specific way. This lets the dentist further refine the diagnosis.



Intraoral sensor with X-Visus HD technology

Innovative ergonomics, direct USB plug-and-play connection, high definition and immediate results make the X-VS with X-ViSUS HD technology the most advanced and suitable sensor for your surgery. Simplicity of use and image acquisition - combined with advanced real-time digital technology - improve quality of work. Impact-resistant, dust-resistant and certified IP67 (water-resistant), the X-VS - X-ViSUS HD technology can be used with all X-ray systems. The X-VS - X-ViSUS HD technology uses iRYS, the all-in-one software for diagnostics, communication and management of intraoral imaging which allows flawless storage, processing and printing of images in perfect synergy with any other devices already in the surgery


Comfort and perfect positioning

X-VS E is available in two sizes, both of which have a thin profile to maximise patient comfort at all times. The profile also ensures easy positioning by the user and optimal framing of the area of interest. Improved sensitivity and special filters in the software ensure high-definition images. Together with the sensor, Castellini supplies alignment devices for every type of dental examination. Images are extremely sharp, even at low doses. Thanks to the internal CMOS sensor (with 20 μm pixels) and the CsI (Cesium Iodide) scintillator - which ensure greater sensitivity to the X-ray beam - users can display details that would otherwise be imperceptible. X-VS E therefore ensures both patient safety and optimal imaging yields for clinical purposes. The iCapture acquisition software and iRYS image management software complete the workflow by allowing enhancement, analysis, display and sharing of the X-ray images obtained during the examination.

Software iRYS

iRYS, the all-in-one software platform for 2D and 3D imaging, is DATA PROTECTION certified and IHE compliant with DICOM networks.
iRYS is a tool that provides dentists with an array of functions that lets them view, process and share captured images - directly from the dedicated workstation - with the computers in the dental practice and the iRYS Viewer app for iPADs.
iRYS lets dentists manage diagnostic images in the patients’ medical records. The latter are shared on the network and can also be accessed from the dental unit, which is equipped with a multimedia card and a FullTouch Multimedia control panel via which new images captured by the unit itself can be saved.

Castellini: Italian excellence in dental units

The dental units by Castellini are a true benchmark for all dental practices wishing to rely on efficient and high-performing dental equipment. Reliability and minimal maintenance requirements of the dental unitsimaging tools and sterilisation equipment make Castellini products a safe investment for every dental clinic. Stylish design and ergonomics designed to facilitate the work of dentists and improve the comfort of patients make ours top-of-the-range dentistry equipment, ideal for dental practices and laboratories. The goal of every dental clinic is to manage surgical proceedings and treatments in a fast, practical and safe way. Do you expect the highest quality from your dental instruments? Castellini's dental units are just the equipment you are looking for.