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Puma Eli

Style makes for well-ordered movement

Flexibility and ease of use

Compact, manoeuvrable and evenly balanced, the dentist’s module can be positioned to match both the type of treatment and the dentist’s operating style.

Puma Eli (ambidestro)

Eclectic style

A question of working style and flexibility

Puma ELI offers a smart, practical solution for modern surgeries with two or more dentists.

Skema 5

Evolving potential

Skema 5

Skema 5 gives doctors the peace of mind they need to get through the workday. Sleek design to help you work better.

Skema 6

Advanced opportunities

Skema 6 allows dentists to address any clinical need, even specialist disciplines, knowing that they can rely on cutting-edge technologies and exceptional ease of use. Designed for the most versatile and demanding dentists, Skema 6 features a wide range of configurations that provide maximum operating comfort.

Skema 8

Rewrites the future

Improved in every aspect. Skema 8 embodies the revolution that rewrites the future of dentistry. Designed to ensure optimum performance thanks to its cutting-edge technology and complete restyling, Skema 8 is reborn to meet the highest expectations ever set.