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Puma Eli R

Unmistakeable design and authentic versatility

Practical Versatility

Maximum operating freedom in the surgery demands a flexible solution that lets dentists work comfortably in any situation.

Puma Eli (ambidestro)

Perfect positioning for any style

A question of working style and flexibility

Puma ELI offers a smart, practical solution for modern surgeries with two or more dentists.

Skema 5

Evolving potential

Skema 5

Skema 5 gives doctors the peace of mind they need to get through the workday. Sleek design to help you work better.

Skema 6

Advanced opportunities

Skema 6 allows dentists to address any clinical need, even specialist disciplines, knowing that they can rely on cutting-edge technologies and exceptional ease of use. Designed for the most versatile and demanding dentists, Skema 6 features a wide range of configurations that provide maximum operating comfort.

Skema 8

Rewrites the future

Improved in every aspect. Skema 8 embodies the revolution that rewrites the future of dentistry. Designed to ensure optimum performance thanks to its cutting-edge technology and complete restyling, Skema 8 is reborn to meet the highest expectations ever set.

Cart chirurgico

Specialist clinical performance

Surgical Cart

A cart to free up your potential.