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Dental units


Making space for excellence

With AREA, dentists will find a renewed passion for dentistry, new spaces, new potential and a first-class tool that allows for fluid, precise, effective workflows. Alongside the outstanding ergonomics, users can integrate all the Castellini-provided technological solutions as desired to meet their specific clinical needs. Effectiveness-enhancing convenience.

Puma Eli R

Unmistakeable design and authentic versatility

Essential Style

The essential nature of Puma ELI R lets dentists perform their everyday work with calm and ease. Extremely manageable, compact and packed with ergonomic features that streamline work, Puma ELI R is also the right solution for those seeking reliability and intrinsic quality.
Streamlined essentiality.

Puma Eli (ambidestro)

Perfect positioning for any style

Streamlined versatility

Compact, light and practical - also in the switchover from right-handed to left-handed user configuration - the Puma ELI Ambidextrous dental unit retains an essential streamlined style and ensures performance always meets the dentist's every clinical requirement.
Free to change.

Skema 5

Evolving potential

Small footprint and mobility combined

Skema 5 gives doctors the peace of mind they need to get through their workday. Designed to meet the needs of the most versatile dentists, the over-the-patient model is compact, thereby ensuring operational comfort, and provides new and appealing ergonomic solutions. Sleek design to help you work better.

Skema 6

Advanced opportunities

The most advanced integrated clinical features

Skema 6 allows dentists to address any clinical need, even specialist disciplines, knowing that they can rely on cutting-edge technologies and exceptional ease of use. Designed for the most versatile and demanding dentists, Skema 6 features a wide range of configurations that provide maximum operating comfort. Technology and performance for professional evolution.

Skema 8

Rewriting the future

Great expectations

In keeping with the quality that has always been Castellini’s hallmark, this dental unit offers across-the-board improvements. The revolutionary Skema 8 is set to ‘rewrite the future’ of dental practices. Delivering outstanding performance through cutting- edge technology and fully renewed design, Skema 8 aims to meet even the highest expectations. The future, today.

Surgical Cart

Specialist clinical performance

An integrated specialist treatment centre

The Stand-Alone Surgical Cart has been added to the Castellini range to give dentists the potential to practice implantology and endodontics at the highest level, without being bound to the purchase of a chair. As an option, this solution can be purchased individually in a plug & play version. Where multiple connection boxes are located in different rooms within the surgery, all users need to do is connect the Cart in the room where they’re working.
A Cart to free up your potential.

Castellini: Italian excellence in dental units

The dental units by Castellini are a true benchmark for all dental practices wishing to rely on efficient and high-performing dental equipment. Reliability and minimal maintenance requirements of the dental unitsimaging tools and sterilisation equipment make Castellini products a safe investment for every dental clinic. Stylish design and ergonomics designed to facilitate the work of dentists and improve the comfort of patients make ours top-of-the-range dentistry equipment, ideal for dental practices and laboratories. The goal of every dental clinic is to manage surgical proceedings and treatments in a fast, practical and safe way. Do you expect the highest quality from your dental instruments? Castellini's dental units are just the equipment you are looking for.