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Handpieces and instruments


Manufactured according to the highest standards of micro-mechanics, Goldspeed Evo instrumentsimmediately offer, thanks to their exclusive design, working precision, excellent visibility of the operatingarea, extremely low noise, optimal wrist balance, lightness and perfect grip. They can be used on allmicromotors with a standard ISO 3964 coupling.Goldspeed Evo handpieces can be heat-disinfected and steam-sterilised at 135 °C, thus combiningreliability and quality with characteristic Anthos safety.


A powerful pneumatic power drive system,consisting of a premium-quality rotor,ensures high-level performance. Made withceramic ball bearings, characterised bylow-friction and low inertial effect,Anthos Silent Power Evo turbines havesuperior power, fewer vibrations andexcellent durability. Precision mechanics,construction materials, geometry, structureand lubrication all contribute to sustainingpower at high speeds, increased resistanceto dynamic stress during use as well asthermal and chemical attacks of modernautoclaves.


Available with fibre optic for LED lighting, the versatile andmultifunctional ultrasound handpieces are suitable for prophylaxis,endodontics and periodontal procedures.


Specifically designed for oral surgery,implantology and osteotomy, itis available with a wide range ofaccessories for any treatmentrequirements. Interchangeable withPiezolight 6 and compatible withPiezosteril 6, prior replacement ofthe tube, the Surgison 2 handpieceis always automatically detected anddriven by the dental unit. Completelyautoclavable, it provides optionalirrigation with sterile fluids foroptimum asepsis of the operatingfield.


Noiseless and ultra-light, the Implantor LED micromotor is vibration-free andcharacterised by extremely high torque.With suitable contra-angles, it can deliverup to 70Ncm.


The curing light can be used as a directversion or 120° angled version.With a high-power LED up to a maximumof 2,200mW/cm2and a 430 to 490nmemission band, the T-LED lamp offers 6 pre-set programmes and an optical guide thatcan be sterilised.


Featuring a streamlined and easy-to-handledesign, the syringe provides six functions.The handle and tip are autoclavable.

Castellini: Italian excellence in dental units

The dental units by Castellini are a true benchmark for all dental practices wishing to rely on efficient and high-performing dental equipment. Reliability and minimal maintenance requirements of the dental unitsimaging tools and sterilisation equipment make Castellini products a safe investment for every dental clinic. Stylish design and ergonomics designed to facilitate the work of dentists and improve the comfort of patients make ours top-of-the-range dentistry equipment, ideal for dental practices and laboratories. The goal of every dental clinic is to manage surgical proceedings and treatments in a fast, practical and safe way. Do you expect the highest quality from your dental instruments? Castellini's dental units are just the equipment you are looking for.