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New Skema 8 embodies the revolution that rewrites the future of dentistry. Designed to ensure optimum performance thanks to its cutting-edge technology and complete restyling, Skema 8 is reborn to meet the highest expectations ever set.


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Hygienisation and sterilisation procedures are carried out daily as a critically important step during work at any dental surgery. The Castellini sterilisation line: synonymous with certainty.

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Since its inception, Castellini has committed to developing cutting-edge devices to guarantee aseptic conditions on the dental unit. Thanks to the close cooperation with the Department for Public Health and Infectious Diseases of the Sapienza University of Rome and the Department for Public Health and Paediatrics of the University of Turin, the hygiene systems were improved.

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Castellini multimedia system is the result of a reliable, efficient and cutting-edge technology and consists of an inbuilt camera with HD sensor and 90° viewing angle, as well as a 22” monitor certified by the EEC Medical Devices Directive. It provides an excellent multimedia communication that allows to simplify doctor-patient relations and makes treatment results more effective and understandable.


Integrated radiology

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Castellini renews the Skema range

True to its tradition and in line with its bottom-line quest to introduce the most effective innovations into the world of dentistry, Castellini presents a range ...

Castellini: riuniti dentali italiani d'eccellenza

I riuniti dentali di Castellini sono un vero punto di riferimento per tutti gli studi dentistici desiderosi di affidarsi a strumenti odontoiatrici efficienti e altamente performanti. Affidabilità e minima incidenza di manutenzione di riuniti odontoiatrici, strumenti di imaging e attrezzature di sterilizzazione rendono i prodotti di Castellini un investimento sicuro per ogni clinica dentale. Design di pregio ed ergonomia propedeutica al lavoro dei dentisti e alla comodità del paziente fanno dei nostri strumenti per l'odontoiatria un top di gamma per studi e laboratori dentistici. L'aspirazione di ogni clinica dentale è gestire operazioni e trattamenti in modo veloce, pratico e sicuro. Pretendi la massima qualità dai tuoi strumenti odontoiatrici? I riuniti dentali di Castellini sono esattamente la risorsa che stai cercando.