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Boost your potential with the Castellini Surgical Cart


The best of Castellini technology for any practice

This Stand-alone Surgical Cart lets dentists practice implantology and endodontics at the highest level, without being tied to a patient chair. As an option, this solution can be purchased individually in a plug & play version. Where multiple connection boxes are installed in different rooms within the practice, users simply need to connect the cart in the room where they’re working.

Configured with instruments, programmes and functions to manage endodontic and implantology tasks smoothly.

This latest model in the Castellini range features the devices and software needed to perform any implant surgery. Induction micromotor, peristaltic pump, cutting-edge control panel with 7” HD display. Further implantology features include the ability to record torque curves. Data is exportable and can be used as a support for subsequent analysis, quick reference purposes or simply as documentation to be filed in the patient’s records. The perfect companion for endodontics specialists, the Cart also includes programmes to control reciprocating mode.

Cutting-edge instruments from Castellini research

In addition to brushless micromotors, syringes, turbines and contra-angles, the Cart can include versatile, multi-functional ultrasound handpieces, such as the Piezolight 6 for prophylaxis, endodontics and periodontal procedures. Specifically designed for oral surgery, implantology and osteotomy, the Surgison 2 is available with a wide range of accessories for all treatment requirements. Completely autoclavable, it provides optional irrigation with sterile fluids for complete asepsis of the operating area.

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