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Integrated Medical Monitor

Choosing a double-jointed arm lets dentists shift the monitor and position it within the treatment area according to their individual needs (an option particularly recommended for the touch-screen version). In addition to comfortable use for both dentist and assistant, it also ensures greater involvement of the patient when sharing the outcome of treatment via on-screen imagery.

PC connection

The monitor comes ready for connection to a PC via a lead or HDMI connector. On the touch-screen version a USB port provides a further connectivity option.

Multimedia System

Mounted on the operating light column, the 16:9 format 22” LED monitor is an excellent high-tech, ergonomic, image-based communication and diagnostic tool. This LED screen ensures extremely sharp images with excellent contrast and bright colours.

Integrated Medical Monitor is Medical Device 93/42-certified.

The software can also manage and display images via the Full Touch display. It is possible to enlarge on-screen images, adjust their colour and contrast, rotate them and transfer them to a connected PC or incorporated monitor.

If there is no integrated monitor, camera images can still be viewed live on the display.



Featuring a system with 7 glass lenses and a 16:9 format HD sensor, the new incorporated video camera allows high definition images to be shown on the monitor directly without any distortion.

Designed to give easy access to distal zones, the C-U2 HD is thin and has a partially retroflexed 90° viewing angle. The extensive depth of field (from 5 to 70 mm) ensures outstanding image sharpness while the touch-sensitive key activates the freeze-frame without causing any vibration.