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Puma ELI R. The benefits of compact design


With Puma ELI R, Castellini enhances operating freedom even in the most restricted spaces

Operating with full freedom of movement in rooms where space is at a premium is a recurring challenge. This is especially true for dental practices in big cities, where space is a luxury and square footage carries a big price tag.

Managing the confines of a small dental surgery in a way that provides freedom of movement, comfort, hygiene and, at the same time, a relaxing environment, can be very complicated. For workflows to be streamlined and agile, all instruments must always be within arm’s reach.

What are the main benefits of Puma ELI R?

Several devices need to be considered, of which the most complex to manage is the dental unit, the cornerstone of any dental practice. The Puma ELI R combines quality, safety and efficiency, and has specifically been designed for small spaces. Featuring a compact unit body, it’s easy to handle, versatile and can integrate all the automatic hygiene systems seen on high-end dental units, keeping the practice safe at all times.
For example, users can opt for Autosteril, a system that automatically disinfects all the spray water circuits to ensure a mycobactericide, bactericide and anti-Legionella action, as certified by the Sapienza University of Rome. Also available are the M.W.B. system - which, with the addition of Peroxy Ag+, acts against all water-borne contaminants - and the Time Flushing function that performs a complete water change via a timed feed liquid flow.

Compact design and essential style ensure suitability for any dental practice

Puma ELI R lets dentists perform their everyday work with ease and versatility. The dental unit has been designed to ensure excellent mobility of its various elements. This means work is always performed with the instrument module in the position best suited for the treatment in progress. 
The patient chair ensures comfort for patient and dentist alike thanks to synchronized backrest-seat movements, ensuring outstanding ergonomics. Every patient chair part - from headrest to foot controls - can be personalised, and customers can choose from 14 different colour schemes. The same goes for the lights. In addition to the standard operating light, three other optional models are available to ensure the lighting equipment meets every possible need.

Virtual assistance: the advantages of being connected

What’s more, in order to boost the efficiency of the practice, this model features an Easy Check internet link. This lets users benefit from real-time remote diagnosis and technical support. It also lets them access a series of latest-generation optional digital services such as Di.VA, the ‘digital virtual assistant’.

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