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Castellini renews the Skema range

Introduced a few months ago, top-of-the-range Skema 8 rewrites the future of dentistry with its compact, essential styling, extraordinary functionality and the innovative Sliding system, which allows the seat to slide forward while lowering the backrest, without altering the position of the operating zone. Besides increasing patient comfort, the dentist has no need to re-adjust light or instruments after raising or lowering the backrest, and thanks to a seat displacement of 18cm, the doctor gains as much in terms of operating space in the surgery.

Skema 6 features a new control panel with a 7” capacitive multi-touch display. Dentists are free to select either the Clinic model or the Multimedia model, which provides additional multimedia features. Designed with implantologists in mind, Skema 6 can be equipped with a powerful induction micromotor, a peristaltic pump and a powerful microprocessor that makes it possible to quickly customise and store the speed, torque and irrigation rate parameters.

Versatility is the word that best defines Skema 5, available in 3 standard versions as well as a model created for orthodontists. The LCD control panel, supplied as standard on Skema 5, features a touch-screen monitor that allows the doctor to use the simple gestures of modern technologies. Clear data visualisation and the possibility to quickly set the user’s preferences for the operating parameters, make The new control panel is a valuable tool, ideal for conservative dentistry and perfect for endodontics, for which a host of optional functions and tools are available.