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Puma Eli (ambidestro)

Eclectic style

A question of working style and flexibility

Puma ELI offers a smart, practical solution for modern surgeries with two or more dentists.

Perfect positioning for any style

Both conceptually and practically, Puma ELI offers perfect positioning. A question of working style and flexibility. Puma ELI offers a smart, practical solution for modern surgeries with two or more dentists.

Fast adaptability to suit any operating style

Compact, manoeuvrable and evenly balanced, the dentist’s module can be positioned to match both the type of treatment and the dentist’s operating style. To maximise the ergonomics on this model - specifically designed for both right and left-handed dentists - the instrument control panel can be positioned on either side of the dentist’s module.

Versatility and simplicity above all

The hanging tubing module is characterised by symmetrical design. Optimised vertical excursion allows the dentist to bring the instruments to the most convenient height. Just as you’d expect on an ambidextrous workstation, the dentist’s module has a handle on both sides. Instruments are arranged ergonomically in an alternate-angling layout that makes them easier to grasp and ensures their movement is carried out safely.

A line designed to provide comfort and support

Type-approved to lift up to 160 kg, the new hydraulic patient chair provides maximum comfort. Backrest-seat synchronism follows the patient’s anatomic movements smoothly, ensuring that hips and torso do not suffer the effects of any unnatural positioning.

Designed also to maximise working comfort for dentist and assistant, the hydraulic system can silently move the patient chair from an above-floor height of 38 cm to 82 cm. The floor-mounted base, which incorporates a temporary suction stop function, is neatly compact, thus preventing any obstruction of the stools when dental team members need to get in close to the patient.

Control panel

Featuring a digital display, the control panel smoothes management of both instrument parameters and Autosteril ST and Time Flushing cycle execution times.

Implantor LED Micromotor


Implantor LED is vibration-free and characterised by extremely high torque and outstanding reliability. Thanks to its ultra-high performance, and with the right contra-angle, it can also be used for endodontics.

  • Speed from 100 to 40,000 rpm with 1:1 ratio
  • Electronic torque control up to max. 5.3 Ncm
  • Completely autoclavable
  • Possibility of pre-setting maximum speed and maximum torque

Handy Power Micromotor


Handy Power is an extremely lightweight, compact brushless micromotor, available with or without LED lighting. Handy Power is noiseless and vibration-free. Thanks to the exceptional reliability of the brushless technology, it requires virtually no maintenance. Ideal for conservative and prosthodontic treatments.

  • Speed from 100 to 40,000 rpm with 1:1 ratio
  • Maximum torque up to 3.3 Ncm
  • Possibility of pre-setting maximum speed

Piezolight 6


Available with fibre optic for LED lighting, the versatile and multifunctional ultrasound handpieces are suitable for prophylaxis, endodontics and periodontal procedures.

  • Perfectly linear and controlled ultrasonic vibrations - free from parasitic lateral vibrations - with constantly self-regulated frequency according to load and tip conditions.
  • Extensive power adjustment range.
  • Self-regulating power based on the workload to prevent heating of handpiece and treated tissues.
  • Coolant delivery adjustable from zero to max flow rate.
  • Completely autoclavable.



The curing light can be used as a direct version or 120° angled version. With a high-power LED up to a maximum of 2,200mW/cm2 and a 430 to 490nm emission band, the T-LED lamp offers 6 pre-set programmes and a sterilisable optical guide.



Venus LED

Operating lamp with long-lasting, low-consumption LED light source plus 3-axis rotation for perfect illumination of the operating area.



Venus PLUS

High performing operating light with rotation movement on three axes for accurate light adjustment to the oral cavity.



Venus E

Operating light with front protective screen and rotation around 3 axes.

Effective defence for exceptional safety

Supplied ready for the incorporation of scientifically proven hygiene devices, the Puma ELI design concept aims to minimise any risk of cross-contamination and is DVGW certified.

Active hygiene

To ensure rigorous disinfection of the spray water feed circuit, the Autosteril ST (Simple System) carries out semi-automatic cycles with 10-minute contact times. A separate water feed system eliminates the presence of any contaminants in the water. The bottle with the grey stripe is for distilled water while the one with the yellow stripe is used for the sanitisation of spray circuits with disinfectant liquid.

Passive hygiene systems

To maintain outstanding levels of hygiene on both the dental unit and in the workplace, Castellini has developed an advanced passive protection concept. Medical staff and patient alike can count on constant protection from numerous elements specifically designed to minimise any risk of contamination.

Integrated Medical Monitor


Choosing a double-jointed arm lets dentists shift the monitor and position it within the treatment area according to their individual needs (an option particularly recommended for the touch-screen version). In addition to comfortable use for both dentist and assistant, it also ensures greater involvement of the patient when sharing the outcome of treatment via on-screen imagery.

C-U2 HD camera


The availability of high definition clinical images enhances diagnostic efficacy and helps keep the patient informed and involved. Being able to illustrate the need for a certain treatment or demonstrate its outcome reinforces the patient’s sense of trust.