Asepsis in the dental surgery

Castellini provides multiple solutions and procedures aimed at ensuring observance of maximum hygiene standards in the dental surgery. This tutorial shows you how to use the advanced devices on the Skema 6 model. It explains how to personalise and control the systems via the touch-screen and underlines its proven effectiveness in a clinical setting. Each moment of a day in the surgery is analysed, illustrating the manual and automated procedures performed after each patient and at the beginning and end of the day.


Communication and diagnostics on the dental unit

Castellini offers you a multimedia system that aids diagnosis through the use of data and clinical images, made available immediately thanks to smooth integration with the dental unit. This tutorial indicates exactly how to acquire the images, display them on a LED monitor, PC or the Full Touch control panel. Moreover, video clips show how to use iRYS software to manage and save them in patient folders. Step by step, you'll discover the simplicity and immediacy of obtaining images from the video camera and X-rays from the integrated sensor.

Apex Locator

Electronic Apex Locator

With incorporation of the apex locator on the dental unit, the dentist has a precise instrument and clinical information that can readily be consulted on the integrated control panel. This tutorial shows how to use the apex locator and how to manage all its functions via the Full Touch control panel. You'll see how to display positioning of the file in the root canal on the provided control panel or on the LED monitor (where present).

Reciprocating mode

Reciprocating mode for endodontic treatment

Thanks to use of the dedicated contra angle, dentists can enjoy the advantages of reciprocating mode when performing endodontic treatment on Castellini dental units. This tutorial explains how the micromotor with the EVO E4 contra angle works and how to use it in reciprocating mode. Short animated films guide you through the procedure and show how to control the instrument via the Full Touch control panel.

sterilizzazione- utoclavi

C and C-PLUS autoclaves

A solution for each need Fast and flexible, Castellini high-performance sterilisers not only guarantee optimum results and failsafe security, but provide technological solutions which cover all requirements and ensure worry-free workflow.

Puma ELI Ambidextrous

Puma ELI Ambidextrous - Perfect positioning for any style

With just a few quick moves, one person can convert the Puma ELI Ambidextrous from a workstation for right-handed dentists to one for left-handed dentists. The changeover can be made in just a few minutes without the aid of any tools or technicians. Both conceptually and practically, Puma ELI offers perfect positioning. A question of working style and flexibility. Puma ELI offers a smart, practical solution for modern surgeries with two or more dentists.